What is The Blood Sugar Concentration (BSC) Band?

My name is Nicholas R. Natale and I am the inventor of the Blood Sugar Concentration (BSC) Band and I have Type I diabetes. The summer before my senior year in high school, while on my annual family vacation to Niagara Falls, I fell into a diabetic coma with a blood glucose level above 1,400! This was my first experience with juvenile diabetes and I have been living with the disease for over 5 years.

As an active individual I always tried to discover new ways to keep my active lifestyle while living with diabetes. My experiences have helped me invent the first patent pending blood glucose level testing meter that brings the ultimate convenience to diabetics everywhere.

The BSC Band is the first blood sugar concentration meter of its kind to combine blood glucose testing, blood extraction, test strip storage, and daily activity tracking in a single device worn around the user’s wrist. The BSC Band has a built in micro-lancet, a compartment which holds a full day’s supply of test strips, and a large LCD screen for easy viewing.

Since the meter is worn around the wrist there is no need for the user to carry around bulky bags or containers with their diabetes testing equipment. Plus, the meter is also a daily activity tracker which calculates the user’s steps taken, miles traveled, and calories burned to facilitate a healthy lifestyle.

Major Features of the BSC Band

•Conventional testing equipment requires (1) Test Strips, (2) A Micro-Lancet to draw blood, and (3) A Physical meter.
•The BSC Band takes all of these elements and combines them into a single wrist band.
•The device also tracks food consumption and daily activity levels, such as carbohydrates, calories burned, and distance traveled. The band then sends the information to a customizable iOS and Android mobile application.
•Testing your blood sugar concentration is now ultra portable. This is the most convenient way to test and is perfect for diabetics with an active lifestyle.
•The BSC Band is a Revolution in Diabetes Control.

Introducing the BSC Band

The BSC Band changes the way diabetics manage their blood glucose by integrating glucose testing technology into your wardrobe. Whether you are going for a jog, taking a hike, walking around the mall, or just sitting and watching TV, everything you need to test your blood sugar is on your wrist. The compartment on the left side of the screen opens to reveal your daily supply of test trips. To the right of the screen is an innovative built-in micro lancet. Simply take a test-strip from the compartment, place it into the top of the device, draw blood, and test your sugar. Throw out that diabetes bag you carry around with you all day and get ready to simplify your life.

Mobile Application

The BSC Band is accompanied by an online profile and a mobile application for iOS and Android. The application contains an extensive food log that allows diabetics to track the foods they consume, along with the nutrients and micro-nutrients they contain. These logs are used to track carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. The online profile also tracks daily activity and users can analyze their information with a unique set of charts and graphs.

Glucose Prediction

In conjunction with the band and the mobile application, we have developed an algorithm that uses the food log and daily activity information to to predict the user's blood sugar level. This information will work with iOS and Android mobile devices to facilitate a real time alert system telling users to check their blood sugar, while also storing the user's blood concentration data.

What's on the Screen

The BSC Band reports and stores every blood glucose test you take and wirelessly transfers these logs to your online and smartphone profile. It also tracks and reports calories burned, steps taken, miles traveled, the date, and the time. All of this information is also transferred to your online profile using BlueTooth. Once you open the smartphone application or enter your data is presented with innovative graphs and can be exported to any spreadsheet application for view by medical professionals. Set goals, track progress, and get results!

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